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Tap Dat Media BPM

Our BPM Software allows you to create, manage and store all your business process documents and forms and workflows. It helps maximize your productivity with timely retrieval & distribution of all your documents and forms

Tap Dat Media CRM

Streamline your sales & customer support processes using pre-built business processes of our CRM. It helps you become more proactive and insight-driven with complete customer lifecycle data at your fingertips.

Tap Dat Media DMS

Our DMS allows you to securely store, retrieve and retain your business documents. It helps maximize your productivity with timely retrieval & distribution of documents

Tap Dat Media EAM

Every business has assets. Our EAM helps businesses to manage these assets easily. Our EAM is a cloud based robust and feature rich Asset Management Software with no download, installation or maintenance

Tap Dat Media HRM

Our HRM is a robust and feature rich SaaS HR Software with no download, installation, maintenance and the Tap Dat Media ESS is the accompanying Employee Self Service Software that allows employees to access and manage all their job data

Tap Dat Media QMS

Every business needs to have a watertight quality process in place in order to innovate new products, get to market quickly and sustain growth. Our QMS is a quality management software that helps businesses have complete end-to-end view of their quality processes making compliance issues a thing of the past.

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We Noticed a problem with the industry

Far too many businesses struggle to find leads and sales, over 80% of businesses fail in their first year due to lack of business. We realized this wasn't a problem with the any of the businesses themselves but due to the lack of tools to enable them for success. So we created a solution

The Tap Dat Media Portal

The Tap Dat Media Portal is the solution you've been hunting for. Enabling you to analyze, control and truly dominate all of your Socials, Ads, and Online Forms. The Portal allows you to post across all major social media platforms, Monitor and Control your Ads, and act as a active CRM for all of your leads!

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