What We Offer

Custom IT Software

Custom School and College Management Software

Our Software allows educators the proper tools they need to help manage teachers, students, and staff.

Custom Ecommerce Software with app

Tired of the limited options you have to sell your products on the internet? We got you covered

Custom Billing, Stock, and Inventory Software

Simplify financial transactions and track inventory with a bespoke system for managing billing and stock levels

Custom Restaurant Management Portal with Multi Restaurant Option

Manage multiple or single dining establishments efficiently with a centralized portal

Custom Hospital Management Software

Optimize hospital operations with customized software for patient management, scheduling, and medical records.

Custom Property Listing Website Portal

Connect buyers and sellers through a tailored property listing portal with advanced search and listing features

Custom Hotel Management Software

Automate hotel operations, from reservations to housekeeping, with specialized management software

Custom Cryptocurrency Buy Sell Exchange with MLM Portal

Facilitate secure cryptocurrency transactions and multi-level marketing strategies with an integrated platform

Custom Real Estate Management Software

Streamline real estate operations with a system designed for property tracking, client management, and sales processing

Custom MLM Website and Software

Grow your multi-level marketing business with a customized website and back-end software to track progress and commissions

Custom B2B Online Recharge Portal with Android/IOS App

Offer seamless B2B recharge services across multiple platforms, including a dedicated Android and IOS app

Custom Business Management Portal

Centralize your business operations with a custom portal designed for efficiency and scalability

Custom Business Site with Editable Functionality

Establish a professional online presence with a business site that offers easy-to-update features and content

Custom E-Learning System

Create an engaging learning environment with a custom e-learning system tailored to your educational needs

Custom Shipping Software

Streamline your shipping operations with custom software that manages logistics, tracking, and delivery

Custom Travel Agency Web Portal

Offer travelers a personalized booking experience with a custom web portal for travel agencies

Custom Business Management Portal

Centralize your business operations with a custom portal designed for efficiency and scalability

Custom Business Software

Need custom software that isn't listed?

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We Noticed a problem with the industry

Far too many businesses struggle to find leads and sales, over 80% of businesses fail in their first year due to lack of business. We realized this wasn't a problem with the any of the businesses themselves but due to the lack of tools to enable them for success. So we created a solution

The Tap Dat Media Portal

The Tap Dat Media Portal is the solution you've been hunting for. Enabling you to analyze, control and truly dominate all of your Socials, Ads, and Online Forms. The Portal allows you to post across all major social media platforms, Monitor and Control your Ads, and act as a active CRM for all of your leads!

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